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Sep 30, 2012 12:00pm EDT
that at the democratic convention, that we? [laughter] bob woodward and his new book seemed to be very much in agreement on the discussions in 2011. talk about those. >> guest: we have probably talked to some of the same people. although i have no way of knowing. here is an extraordinary moment. the republican party brings the tea party back from the dead immediate control of the congress. john boehner is the speaker of the house. john boehner realizes that he has to confront his own people if he is going to save the credit rating them back on moody's and save it from downgrade. this is going to be a political disaster. john boehner can fill in the back of his scalp that this is going to be burning on the republicans. he feels political blame but it's also worried about the country. two hearts -- two heartbeats away from the downgrade. and so, he does something extraordinary. he acts like a leader. he comes up with a compromise. that is a political possibility from where he sits and he finds out a way to close loopholes and raise some $800 billion in new revenue. that should be enough to make a deal wit
Oct 6, 2012 10:00pm EDT
them to bang the image of the kennedy family. particularly bob kennedy and jfk and even ted kennedy. who he sees as a potential rival in the coming election. and nixon, the declassification he wants him to handle it so he can leak e documents out. it turns out he doesn't go fast enough, nixon and his other folks decides they're going to make up the documents and leak them anyway. that's another thing. what happens is he is busy over there doing that. men while nixon are trying to two find two people to announce. >> host: it's all in the fall of 1971. >> guest: he wants do it fast before the '72 elections and he knows that time is the enemy. getting the jump on someone fast after these vacancy comes out what he needs to do. and someone has the brilliant idea actually fred moore in the white house, he sells the idea -- >> host: dick more? dick moore. there was a fred moore. >> host: not this this case. >> guest: he has the brilliant idea that he is the go. -- he is going to be a guy that can be on the court for thirty years or many. of course is exactly what happened. they plant the s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2